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But damn I'm impressed.

It's Official. PS3 version of GTAIV rapes 360 version

2008-05-05 22:00:24 by TehreTard

The proof.

Sorry, 3shitty-fanboys.

It's Official.  PS3 version of GTAIV rapes 360 version

Computer's fine...OR IS IT?

2008-04-06 22:47:55 by TehreTard

Regarding my last blog, I tried turning it on the next day. It works, great. But now I have a new, bigger problem. I can't play TF2 without lagging like a bitch. I literally lag every five seconds, and when that lag is done, it starts lagging again a second later. Ever since the mysterious shutdown last tuesday, my computer's been fucking me over with TF2. I don't know if my graphics card was fucked up from the heat that caused my computer to shutdown or not.

I tried upgrading my graphics card driver, deleting all temporary files and such with CCleaner, and un- and reinstalling Team Fortress 2. I'm forced not to play as much since I'm constantly freezing, and my Ping is only at the twenties range.

This is NG, you're all fucking computer nerds, help with this shit.

Computer stopped working....

2008-04-02 15:54:40 by TehreTard

and now I don't know what to do. My PC, my pride and joy, just turned off on me while playing Team Fortress 2. Now, I do have an idea why it broke on me, simply because I use it everyday for about 9 hours on a weekday and possibly more on a weekend.

It used to belong to my friend, and I bought it from him, so it not being brand new when I obtained it was factor to it failing on me. I just don't know how I'm going to get it fixed, I ask my friend who gave it to me, but it has porn as well as porn sites being in the History of my browser, and I'm afraid that he might check that out of curiosity. AND IT'S ESSENTIAL THAT HE DOESN'T SINCE HE'S A HARDCORE CHRISTIAN AND WE GO TO THE SAME CHURCH AND HIS PARENTS KNOW MY PARENTS. Besides, he already suspects me of watching porn due to him finding the title of a porn movie I downloaded in the Now playing part of WMP once.

Even if I didn't ask him, where would I go to? If I were to find an expert, I fear that he would find the porn as well and notify my parents, or worse, the authorities. Besides, I'm afraid that he'll charge me a ridiculous price for the fix.

So now I don't know how I'll be ever to play the greatest PC game of all time, nor do I know how I'll be able to post on the BBS anymore.

Suggestions on what I should do?

So I took the HSPA

2008-03-08 09:48:33 by TehreTard

It was easy.

The end.

Happy, Tyrant?


2008-01-20 20:12:41 by TehreTard

So I finally bought The Orange Box just so I could play Team Fortress 2. Best decision ever made.

Steam account: kozak_


Also, I've been abusing the new badlands exploit.

If you have something like fraps that could record gaming shit, tell me so we can tape ourselves doing this lulzy endeavor.


Fuck you guys.

Ignore this blog.

2008-01-01 17:10:51 by TehreTard


Google Gift

2007-12-14 18:47:49 by TehreTard

The timing couldn't have been any better; just as I was struggling to figure out why some new Google ad code wasn't loading up properly from our ad server (it works now), Bob approached my desk with a box from Google. I opened the box and observed a little leather pouch (like something you would carry business cards in), so my first impression was, "Oh cute, they gave me a little leather pouch... That's a step above just sending a card." But there was more...

Inside the leather pouch was something the size of a credit card, but the thickness of a piece of cardboard. A note read, "Ultra thin 2.0 USB flash memory drive with 2GB of storage." Sure enough, a piece at the end of the card flips out as a USB plug! I've never seen one so thin before. I took a picture but I can't find the USB cable for my camera to put the pics on my computer... If only my camera had a jack to plug this card into.

The box also had a traditional holiday card containing a gift card for, where one can choose individual school projects to donate money too! This is MUCH cooler than those "we've made a donation on your behalf" gifts, where you don't know for sure if they really DID make the donation. I loaded up the site, found a school in Philly that was trying to upgrade their computers, and donated the money myself. I was surprised to find I had $100 on the gift card!

In case anyone wonders what a Google holiday card says, I figured I might as well include that too:

"Thank you for your partnership with Google this year. To show our appreciation, Google would like to support a public school classroom of your choosing through is a non-profit organization where you can choose a classroom project to bring to life - a reading corner, a field trip, a computer lab, or whatever most inspires you.

When you redeem the enclosed gift code, you will give books, art supplies, technology, or other resources to students in low-income communities.

Thank you for taking the time to help us give back."

Those Google folks have a lot of class.




2007-10-08 10:56:16 by TehreTard