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I gave information to a Marine Recruiter

2008-12-06 14:37:59 by TehreTard

What's the worst that could happen?


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2008-12-18 16:22:17

I was considering the Army my junior year but then my Senior year I applied to the colleges I wanted to get into and I got in so I decided not to.


Oh and they still call me. I'm all like "lolnomeansnolol".

TehreTard responds:

Why not do both? That's what I'm doing after I finish Boot Camp and Combat training. The Marines give you an option to either go to Active Duty or go to reserves. You can choose reserves and then go to College while still being part of the Marines. The only catch is having to go base one weekend in a month and 2 weeks for the summer, which is basically nothing.


2008-12-20 16:55:07

Well what you're doing is pretty much exactly what I was planning to do but things changed. I got into my first choice college and they gave me a grant of $5,000 and a scholarship for $3,000 so I couldn't resist. Also my girlfriend is a junior and this college isn't too far off so by going to this school I'll be near so I can still meet up with her and what not.


2009-01-06 18:35:22

u cud star in call of duty 6: i dont wanna get my limbs cut off

im funny