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You know that job I had?

2008-08-19 20:23:11 by TehreTard

Yeah I just quit last Friday.

If you want to know what I actually did, just ask.

In the meantime, OH SHI- TEH GAYLO KILLAR LOLFuck you, NAORICAT.


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2008-08-19 20:50:43

No, I don't know that job you had. AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR USER IMAGE????????? That's disgusting!

TehreTard responds:

Shaddap, faggot.


2008-08-19 21:03:15

What did you do man?

Was the pay even good?

TehreTard responds:

You know products made by companies like Johnson & Johnson, Honeywell, etc? Well, the company I worked for takes their products like Robitussin or Visine and we package their shit for them. You'll find a lot of stuff we packaged at Walmart. Oh yeah, all of my co-workers were spics. As a matter of fact, I think most of them were illegals too since barely any of them could even speak english.

Also, yes, the pay was good, but the labor itself was hard as fuck since I'm never doing the same job twice in a week.


2008-08-20 00:39:12

Invisible snipers? This'll be enjoyable.

Yeah, pretty sure you can't send PSN titles to other users. Sorry, bro. :(

TehreTard responds:

Like I said at the lounge, it's like TF2 but without the cartoonish graphics. Also, yes you can. Quoting DirtySyko:

"First you need to make a new player account. You can name it whatever you want. I just named mine the same as the friend who shared games with me. Also, you must leave this account on your PS3, if you delete it the games will no loner work (this is what I've read, I haven't actually deleted it to make sure, but I don't feel like losing the games I downloaded so I'd rather play it safe.)

Once you have the new account created log on and go over to Playstation Network, and sign up for a PSN account. Once you get in there are two options I believe. One for signing up a brand new account, and another for signing in with an existing account. You want to sign in with an existing account. This is where you need the information of the other user. You will need the email they used when signing up, and their password.

So, either they need to change their password before giving you access, that way you don't know what their true password is, and when you are done downloading they can change it back, or they can just give you their real pass if they trust you. It's up to the guys who are working it out, just remember they will have access to your PSN, so if you give them a pass and you never change it, they can log in any time they want. You'll also want to delete your credit card information off your PSN account if you don't fully trust the other guy. Because, if they want to, they can log on and start buying games off your account.

You log in with the other user's email and pass, and presto, you're on their account. You will be able to see their friend's list and messages, and all of the stuff they have downloaded. Now you want to go to the Playstation store and go to the option on the top right called "View Downloads." This is where you will be doing all of your downloading. This list will show every thing they have ever downloaded, from demos to game add-ons to PSN games to themes. You scroll down the list and find the stuff you want to download, click it, and download it. Simple as that.

Now, here is something else I'm not positive of, but it's what I've read. When you start downloading you need to click "perform in background." Then you need to log off the account and log back into your account. Once you do that you can go over to Network and see that the game/game-addon, or whatever it is you are downloading, will be listed in the Download Management section and currently downloading in the background. If you don't log off the new account you created and log back onto your own account, then the game will just download to the new account, and you won't be able to play it on yours. That's why you need to log back into your account while it's downloading in the background, or at least that's what I've read, haven't actually tried it myself.

Another thing to keep in mind. Let's say the person trusts you and they don't take off their credit card info or change their pass, giving you access to their account whenever you want. Make sure to set their account so it doesn't auto log onto PSN when you get on it. If they are on PSN when you get on, it will boot them off. I share with a friend from real life and we trust each other so we don't bother with changing passwords or taking off credit cards, because it's more of a hassle, so any time I want I can log onto his account. I didn't want to ever accidentally log him off, so I made sure to set it to not auto login."

So basically you have to give me your email and your password in order for me to log on as you and download the games on my hard drive and let me play it on my PS3. Even though there's a danger that the guy you're giving your password might try to steal your credit card number and shit, I promise I won't ever do such a thing. Despite how I post on NG and how I troll, I'm actually a nice guy in real life.


2008-08-20 07:49:06

laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy n****r.

TehreTard responds:

Fucking racist nigger. That's our word.


2008-08-20 19:00:50


How did yours not bleep out?

TehreTard responds:

Because I'm black, cracka.


2008-08-22 20:01:15

I don't like all this n****r talk.

TehreTard responds:

You'll sure to love my nigger dick, then.


2008-08-24 10:17:37


I wonder if Killzone will actually be good this time.

TehreTard responds:

Online play-wise, definitely.


2008-08-25 14:58:30

I lost my job :( business was doing bad so they had to cut people.

Now I can't waste all my money on material possessions.

MGS4 was a great movie.

TehreTard responds:

"MGS4 was a great movie."

That's a game, you fucking idiot.


2008-08-25 20:19:40

Why do you hate every game on the 360?

TehreTard responds:


That's not true. I was thinking of getting a 360 for Dead Rising and Saints Row as well as the Scholarship Edition of Bully since the PS2 version was awesome.


2008-08-25 21:09:40

God dammit that game looks pretty. If only I had a PS3.

TehreTard responds:



2008-08-25 22:29:13

yo wen dat cums out ima play dat game wif my big musels. if u dunt like da ps3 den i will fite u and nock u out

TehreTard responds:

If I didn't like the PS3, I wouldn't have mentioned Killzone 2 as being the Halo Killer, now would I?


2008-08-27 12:29:06

Halo killer? More like Gears of War rip off. Sure, there was Killzone 1 that came before hand but I had it, AND IT FUCKING SUCKED.

Still, looks good, may even get it. I wish everyone was as tactical in other games.

TehreTard responds:

Are you fucking stupid? GEARS OF WAR RIP OFF? Get the fuck off my blog.


2008-08-28 22:12:39

But you hated every other game that SMC listed out for it.

Also, Castle Crashers.

TehreTard responds:

Well, those games weren't good to begin with, what did you expect me to do?

Regarding your second statement, Dan said there MIGHT be a PS3-version.


2008-08-29 18:15:43

no need for such harsh language

TehreTard responds: